Car Maintenance: Dealership or Mechanic?

Everyone dreads that moment when they realize there’s something wrong with their car. From weird noises to flashing lights on the dash, mechanical problems can really throw a wrench in your day (no pun intended). But deciding on where to take your car to get fixed can be another headache all on its own. Whether you have a new car or a used car, there’s a constant dispute over taking it to the dealership or the mechanic to get worked on.

Luckily, we are here to help end that internal debate! Deciding between dealership service and a mechanic is not as cut and dry as most people think. Because there are hundreds of types of cars and hundreds of things that can go wrong, certain situations might lend themselves towards one location over the other.


Taking your car to a mechanic means that you will get a more personalized experience because you will be talking directly with the person working on your vehicle. Some will argue that an independent mechanic will be less expensive; however, this can really depend on the work and parts needed. If your mechanic doesn’t have the necessary parts and has to order them, this can significantly increase the cost.

When choosing the mechanic that you’re taking your car too, it is essential that you look at reviews and do a decent amount of research beforehand. A bad mechanic can not only cause more problems than there was before, but they can also cause the price of a simple repair to skyrocket.

A trusted mechanic will ensure that all their technicians receive continuous training on new technology and manufacturer updates. One of the benefits of going to a mechanic is that they can offer less expensive alternatives. If you need a part replaced, they have the option to provide you with a variety of price points.


While mechanical work at a dealership can be more expensive if it is outside of a warranty, they do have other benefits that can make it worthwhile. Because dealerships specialize in work on a specific car manufacturer, they are likely to have all the necessary parts on hand. And on the off chance that they need to order a part, dealerships offer loaner vehicles that you can drive in the meantime.

The newer your vehicle is, the more likely it is to have some form of smart technology in it. And while this can already be a difficult thing to work on, it can be even harder if you aren’t familiar with it. If your vehicle is having electrical problems or issues with the GPS or Bluetooth, it’s best to take it to the dealership. Not only are they going to have the necessary diagnostic equipment on hand, but they will also have direct information from the manufacturer about how all the different parts and systems work.

Another benefit that many people enjoy about taking their car to the dealership is quality control and ease of mind. Because the dealerships specialize in a specific manufacturer, all of their parts are also from that same manufacturer. That means when you have something replaced, the new part is designed for your vehicle. It was built for your car, passed all of the necessary quality control tests, and often time certain parts are covered by a manufacturer warranty.

Car Warranty

Used Car Dealerships Grand JunctionOne of the main reasons that people like taking their car to the dealership for maintenance instead of the mechanic is that their vehicle is covered by warranty. But several things can void your manufacturer’s warranty. It is essential to know about these to avoid any surprises and provide your vehicle with the best possible care.

Racing or reckless driving can void the warranty of your car because you are using it outside of its intended and normal use. Some manufacturers may even keep tabs on vehicles that are at racing events.

Flooding and other natural disasters can also void your car’s warranty because that kind of damage is covered by insurance and is not a defect on the manufacturer’s end.

Neglect of your vehicle maintenance is another way your warranty can become void. Timely oil and filter changes, along with alignments and other necessary maintenance, are all necessary to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. Without the proper upkeep, your car can become damaged, and repairs may not be covered by warranty.

Customizing a vehicle is something that a lot of people enjoy. It can make your car look or perform better, but caution should be taken when making these modifications. If they are not done professionally, it can cause damage to your vehicle, which will void your warranty.

Odometers are used to help gauge the use and age of a vehicle. The numbers help inform you when it’s time for an oil change or other maintenance services and affect the price of used vehicles. Tampering with an odometer will void your manufacturer’s warranty.

There are various other ways your warranty can become void, including having a salvaged title, using fluids that are not approved in your owner’s manual, misuse of the vehicle, and more. It is essential that you read through your owner’s manual and warranty information to know what is and is not covered, and the things can cause your warranty to become void.

Car Repair

Our vehicles are valuable assets that require time and investments to remain reliable forms of transportation. The maintenance of a car is crucial and should not be performed at just any location. While independent mechanics may offer some benefits, it is ideal to stay with a dealership that can provide professional service, quality control, and dependable warranties.

At Grand West Kia, our service station strives to provide you and your vehicle with the highest quality care available. Our skilled technicians work closely with you to ensure each service is performed with the best products and attention to detail.

Whether you need an oil change, repair, or in-depth diagnostics, our team is here to help get you back on the road!